The reader’s promise

22 Mai
I promise to read                                                                
Each day and each night.
I know it’s the key
To growing up right.
I”ll read to myself,
I’ll read to a crowd.
It makes no difference
If silent or loud.
I’ll read by  my desk,
At home or at school,
On my bean bag or bed,
By the fire or pool.
Each book that I read
Puts smarts in my head,
‘Cause brains grow more taughts
The more they are fed.
So I take this Oath
To make reading my way,
Of feeding my brain 
What it needs everyday.
by Debra Angstead
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Scris de pe 22 Mai 2013 în Biblioteca, Carti, Engleza


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2 responses to “The reader’s promise

  1. Csilla Samtorto Graves

    22 Mai 2013 at 8:56 PM

    Super similarity adevarat!


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